8(a) Business Development Program: How can it help my Native- or tribally owned business?

John Dicus, a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) specialist, discusses how the 8(a) Business Development program could help your Native- or tribally run business grow. Learn who is eligible and walk through the application process.

Government Accounting and Compliance

With a hands-on approach, Meg McKeon walks you through relevant modules in accounting systems (such as QuickBooks). Learn how to group costs, identify relationships between direct and indirect costs, separate direct and indirect administrative costs, and develop indirect rates from different indirect pools.

Where Are the Government Contracts?

Ryan Rodin, a government contracting assistance specialist with WA state PTAC, discusses the process of finding and pursuing federal contracts. Learn how to locate information about past federal contracts, use federal contract data to target your marketing efforts, and, find current federal contracting opportunities.

Website Development for Small Businesses

Kim Blessing, Vice President of Communications at Kauffman & Associates, Inc., discusses the basics of website design and how to create a site that matches your business image, effectively markets your products or services, and appeals to your clients.

Effective 8(a) Portfolio management through partnerships, joint ventures, and acquisitions

Ron Perry, President of Teya Technologies, discusses how partnerships can lead to effective 8(a) portfolio management.

Develop a Business Plan for Your 8(a) Business

Presenter Young-Sang Song, owner of Song Consulting, teaches how to write a U.S. Small Business Administration 8(a) federal contracting business plan (Form 1010C), and discusses how to create business targets, objectives, and goals.